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A Self-Help Memoir by Ashley M. Ratcliff


Meet the Author

A former journalist, Ashley M. Ratcliff has long had a way with words. However, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that she channeled her passion for the written word into authoring a book. Jesus Year — Ashley’s first solo book, which became a bestseller on Amazon — paints a picture of her resilience, courage, and faith as she was faced with the biggest test of her life.

About the Book

How do you pick yourself up after being dealt a devastating blow? Ashley M. Ratcliff got a crash course in collecting the broken pieces of her once easygoing life and building something beautiful with them when her health suddenly declined. At the age of thirty-three, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis—an autoimmune disorder for which there is no cure—in the middle of her Jesus Year, which was supposed to be a time of operating in her gifts and coming into her own. In the year that followed, Ashley battled depression, on top of coping with the grueling, largely invisible symptoms of her MS, and found herself clinging to God closer than she ever had before. 


Sometimes you have to get knocked down to get back up stronger. Spoiler alert: Ashley has bounced back from the initial immobilizing flare-up that led to her diagnosis, and has since found stability, perspective, purpose and restored faith. Jesus Year is the book that Ashley wishes she was given when she was first diagnosed with MS. This self-help memoir takes readers on her journey of finding a new normal, a process to which anyone living with a chronic illness can relate. 


In these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Confront your reality

  • Build a support squad

  • Say goodbye to who or what no longer serves you

  • Set yourself up for success

  • Celebrate milestones and live your best life


Above all else, you will leave this book knowing that life isn’t over because the unexpected occurs. In fact, it’s about to begin. You are not alone on your new path—there are people, some who you’ll meet by happenstance and some who were there all along, that will help you brave the uncharted waters and lead you to a life full of meaning.

About the Book
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Coming Soon ...

Book Launch Event

In a pre-COVID world, I would have held an in-person book signing — and, Lord willing, that may happen in the future. But, thankfully, there are online options where we can gather safely and celebrate the release of my book. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming virtual book launch for Jesus Year!



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